Our Kitchen

A kitchen of exploration, of memories, of bites of the future

Our Chef

The kitchen of Bistrot 84 is entrusted to chef Matteo Longhi who, in his career, has crossed paths with starred European restaurants and established chefs such as Pino Cuttaia and Vito Mollica. His cuisine is the right mix of inspiration, contemporaneity and international flavours. Bistrot 84’s proposal includes an à la carte menu, but also and above all tasting menus in which multiple portions in a tasting formula outline a world of taste nuances, a way of understanding dinner as a moment of relaxation, fun and exchange lounge style.

As chef Matteo longhi says: “Vito Mollica made me understand that the main value of each dish is the quality of the ingredients, if they have been produced with care, this passes through the taste enhanced by the hands and the skill of the chef“.